Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tau Huay~

A few days ago I went to Esquire Kitchen for dinner. Esquire Kitchen can be found in most major shopping complexes. The food was so-so but I would just like to highlight one of their fine dessert, which is their "Tau Fu Fa" aka Tau Huey(in Hokkien) (some sort of soft soy bean pudding/jelly). My friend recommended me the dessert and told it was one of the best "Tau Fu Fa" that she ever had. So each of us ordered a bowl of TFF.

True to her words, it was really delicious! The texture is so soft and smooth. U can just swallow and it flows right into your stomach. *grin* They even served a small 'pot' of sugar for you to add at your own liking. Some that like it sweeeeettttt may add more sugar & for those who like it mild (like me!) may just add slightly to add some flavour. Oh yeah! WE had their "Gemilang Set" too. :)

Soft & Smooth texture~ Yummy!

One of their patriotic meal set ~Gemilang Set~

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Endless Love - OST The Myth

I received a MTV dedication on Facebook. The MTV is definitely a beautiful love song. I totally agree. Thumbs up! I remember I used to love this song damn alot. Can totally get 'emo' when I listen to song. *Oh gosh, am I sounding long winded? :s

Not sure if any of you feel the same too? Can you feel the 'jiwang'-ness creeping through your heart? Hehe! Alrite, alrite, cut story short, I present to you: Endless Love - OST The Myth. :)

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Tagged: My Desktop Preview!

I was tagged by a friend SlowCatchUpKuan and she wants to view my desktop. Behold & Voila! My office desktop as below. (Sorry can't show you my laptop desktop as I do not have internet connection at home :-( )

Alright, 'chun' or not? Cool eh? I put up October wallpaper & since it's Haloween month, I feel the wallpaper is kinda 'sexy' with the witch & the black cat is really cool. The moon is really round too! Kaka! Bats anyone? ; As for the documents & folders, they are mostly all work related stuff. *Boring*

My office desktop

Here's how you play:

A. Upon receiving this tag, immediately perform a screen capture of your desktop. It is best that no icons be deleted before the screen capture so as to add to the element of fun. You can do a screen capture by going to your desktop and pressing the Print Scrn key (located on the right side of the F12 key). Open a graphics program (like Picture Manager, Paint, or Photoshop) and do a Paste (CTRL + V).If you wish, you can “edit” the image, before saving it.

B. Post the picture in your blog. You can also give a short explanation on the look of your desktop just below it if you want. You can explain why you preferred such look or why is it full of icons. Things like that.

C. Tag five of your friends and ask them to give you a Free View of their desktop as well.

D. Add your name to this list of Free Viewers with a link pointing directly to your Desktop Free View post to promote it to succeeding participants.I'm tagging the following friends:

1. Eu Veng

List of Free Viewers:
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Oh shoot! Since I only have one friend on my list left to Tagged, so it shall just be one instead of 5 then. *damn pathetic*

Alrite, it's me signing off. Hope you enjoyed the look of my desktop. ;)

Friday, September 28, 2007

Why do You Share..

A reporter once asked a farmer to divulge the secret behind his corn, which won the state fair contest year after year. The farmer confessed it was all because he shared his seed with his neighbors.

Why do you share your best seed corn with your neighbors when you’re entering the same contest each year as well asked the reporter.

Why sir, said the farmer, didn’t you know The wind picks up pollen from the ripening corn and swirls it from field to field. If my neighbors grew inferior corn, cross-pollination would steadily degrade the quality of my corn. If I am to grow good corn, I must help my neighbor do the same.

And so it is with other situations in our lives. Those who want to be successful must help their neighbors, friends, relatives to be successful.

Those who choose to live well must help others live well, for the value of a life is measured by the lives it touches. And those who choose to be happy must help others find happiness, for the welfare of each is bound up with the welfare of all.

This story exemplifies “altruism.”

Altruism: Action that benefits another person, including comforting, helping, sharing, rescuing and cooperating. Acts of concern for other people - without any hope of reward.

Taken from:

*I suppose the story above kinda touched my heart so I was thinking i might as well share it with all. The way of life, altruism. :)

So you think you can dance~

I received an email from a friend today and i saw this clip is amazing. I wonder how he did it. In fact, I don't think I can even do it. However I wish could dance like that though. Keke! But come to think of it again, is it suitable for gals to dance like tat. Smooth baby~ :D When I went for line dancing class yesterday the teacher told me that "You dance very well". I was practically smiling from ear to ear and I was quite satisfied with myself. But then on the other hand, I was thinking whether she praised me in order for me to stay back to learn more of her class. Hhhmm....*pondering* this is cos the class lack of students and she wanted to increase it from RM40 to RM50 per month for a class. My cash is flowing out too fast. Can't catch hold of it. So I have decided to stop if she increased it. But then after a few praises my head got all big (well, not really big but got me interested to learn more) and was thinking of staying back for the class to learn more. Oh gosh! I can't decide! And she did even mention "Maybe will put you and your friend up for competition too!" Now, where is she heading to? Getting more n more exaggerating. Oh well, we shall just see then. ;) However, just a clip to share with y'all. :) Enjoy!

"Some act that a 40 years old did, and most of us can’t even have done it… amazing. The last part is the most unbelievable move…"


Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Celebrity Look-alikes 2

My Celebrity Look-alikes

Thursday, September 06, 2007

~ Friends ~

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What a clumpse

Sigh! What an idiot I have been... I went for an interview with the hope that I can get the job and finally get a change in my working life but I spoilt it with my pure stupidity and clumsiness. I even tot I will get the job. Putting such high hopes, talking and telling my friends about it. Asking for advice on the new job etc. And finally I waited in anticipation for a phone call from them telling me "Congratulations! You've got the job!" But to my alas, I didn't get any calls from them. I was thinking to myself maybe they found a more suitable candidate considering it is all Bumi's in that company. Maybe I didn't give them a good impression. Thinking that I am not comfortable working for a Bumi company. Or have difficulities mixing around with people. Maybe it's the impression when they ask me whether i will be able to work well together with other races besides my own. Sigh....all the maybe's. But then it din really dampen my spirit that much considering I didn't get the hope as in they think I am not a suitable candidate.

But, the whole world crumbled down on me yesterday! Maybe not crumble down but it's as if all my hopes just went down the drain. I received a call from the company and the gal on the phone told me that I left my files of original certificates at their office. OMG! I can't imagine my forgetfulness and clumsiness. How can I forget my folder and worse thing was I didn't even know that I lost or misplaced it. Damn! What if i were to go for an interview and I search high and low for it but I still can't find it. I will panic till my heart stop beating. How hard will it be to get back all my original certs. Sigh! I really feel damn sad. I suppose that was the biggest reason that the company didn't even want to employ me. If i can forget to take my file what else if during working time. I feel as if i could slap myself a thousand times or just bury myself deep down somewhere because of my stupidity. How am I ever going to get a good job like this. Am I going to get stuck in this place forever? I want a new change & challenge. I hope for the best but then all just doesn't seem to fall into place. I feel so down in the dumps that I cried myself to sleep last nite. Well, practically forced myself to though cos I hope to get it out of my lungs and heart.

From this, I told myself that I want to focus more on what I am doing. Told myself never to repeat this ever again. Start applying for jobs with new hopes and maybe even direction. Heck! On Monday I will go collect my file from the company which i will never have hope to be there anymore. And start going for more better interviews. God, please help me in this. Your guidance is my motivation to find a more suitable and better job. Amen.